Fruit Teas To Add To Your Menu!

Fruit Teas To Add To Your Menu!

Apple Tea with Orange and Cinnamon

This is a tea made with apple peels. Not the flesh but the peel. It's typically an herbal (non-black) tea, and it's supposed to taste like apples. I will assume that most of you have never tried this before, so I am trying to give all of you newcomers some background on what's in store for you! :) Even though some are probably more familiar with this tea than others!

Among the wide variety of teas, one of the most useful can be called a tea that combines the taste of apples, citrus fruits, and cinnamon, and this is apple tea with orange and cinnamon.

This tea, despite a large number of ingredients, is easy and quick to prepare, easily quenches thirst even in the desert, also increases efficiency, and has a positive effect on the emotional state of a person. The drink can be consumed both hot and cold.

The Emergence of the Apple Tea Recipe

Did you know that apple cinnamon tea was invented in Turkey? It's true. And, what's even more amazing is that the recipe and brewing method hasn't changed since it was first made! The climate of Asia Minor did not allow the cultivation of the same Black Tea as in China and India. In order to improve the smell and taste of local varieties of tea, the Turks, experimenting, began to add various fruit components and spices to the tea leaves, so apple-orange tea with cinnamon was born. It quickly became popular throughout the Middle Ages. This tea is also mentioned in the writings of the English poet William Shakespeare, who at that time served as a soldier in one of the English military expeditions to Turkey.

Classic Turkish Cinnamon Tea Recipe

In the old days in the Turkish Empire, this method of making fruit tea was popular. Two medium apples were taken, cut into slices, and simmered with three pinches of cinnamon for about fifteen minutes. Water should be approximately 400-500 ml. Then, at least half an hour later, the resulting broth should be infused.

At this time, the usual Black Or Green Tea brew is prepared. When the broth is infused, the tea leaves are poured with apple broth and poured into mugs. Orange slices and honey are added to the tea. Oranges can be substituted with lemon.

Twentieth-Century Tea Recipe

First, you should boil at least 500-700 ml. purified or soft mineral water. Two teaspoons of tea, an orange cut into small triangles, small pieces of apple, a spoonful of cinnamon, and sugar to taste are added to the custard. Then wrap the teapot properly and let it brew for twenty minutes. The resulting tea should be filtered through a mesh. Sugar can be replaced with honey.

Tea with Dried Orange Peels

As you know, dried fruits do not lose their beneficial properties, the same happens with the peel of oranges and lemons. It is in the peel that the most vitamin C is found; many people save the peel of citrus fruits in order to then use it for making drinks or sweets. Dried orange peel can be a great substitute for fresh fruit when making tea.

It is very simple to prepare such tea. In freshly boiled water, one liter requires a chopped peel of five to six oranges, four small spoons of tea, a spoonful of cinnamon, and two to three diced apples. After adding all the ingredients, let the drink brew for 20-25 minutes.

Fruit Drink without Tea

There is a recipe for making fruit tea without adding dried tea bush leaves. To prepare this drink, you should finely chop a few apples and pour them with boiling water, add a little cinnamon bark. Infuse the broth for at least fifteen minutes. Then pour into cups, freshly squeezed orange, lemon, or tangerine juice is added to the drink.

Cold Tea

Quenches thirst best in hot summer cold fruit tea. The classic apple drink recipe has been known since the Middle Ages. Several large apples are cut into slices and boiled in boiling water for up to fifteen minutes, then a spoonful of cinnamon is added to the broth.

The broth is then infused for up to half an hour. At the same time, another mint broth is being prepared. Two teaspoons of mint are infused for twenty minutes in 400 ml. water with the addition of two tablespoons of dry orange peel. Then everything is mixed and cooled. You can add sugar, honey, spices, and ice to the drink.


Fruit teas are a great way to give a citrusy and fruity taste to your Tea Menu and offer something different than the usual black or green iced tea. From apple-orange with cinnamon to lemon, tangerine, or even ginger peach blends, fruit teases can be an easy way for you to add variety and flavor without having to do anything more complicated than adding fresh fruit pieces!

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