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Divine Organic Ingredients

Casacara Hemp Chocolate Rose

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This unique Coffee Cherry blend is one of our newest creations. In addition to the health benefits of the hemp seeds, this blend carries rich chocolate flavours with the sweetness of the rose petals.

Hemp seeds are known to be nutritious, provide plant-based protein, are sources to reduce certain health risks. Give you a delicious, healthy tea!

Packaged in sealed fully-compostable and organic tea pouches.

Environment above all else.

Taste Notes

Coffee, Chocolate, Floral


Organic Cascara, Organic Cocoa shells, Rose petals, and Organic Toasted Hemp Seeds

Steeping Instructions
  • Bring a cup of freshly drawn cold water to a boil at 100ºC/ 212ºF
  • Infuse tea for 5-6 minutes
  • 1 tablespoon of loose-leaf tea per cup