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Divine Organic Ingredients

Organic Cinnamon Powder

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Dive into the aromatic world of Divine Ingredients' Organic Cinnamon Powder. Native to India, this enchanting spice brings a strong, warming flavor to your dishes, making it a perfect addition to your culinary adventures.

Our Organic Cinnamon Powder might contribute to a balanced lifestyle with its high fiber content, possibly promoting a sense of fullness and helping maintain balanced blood sugar levels. Despite its robust flavor profile, our cinnamon powder remains low in calories.

Its sweet, warming, and spicy taste notes make it a versatile choice. Whether it's adding a spicy kick to your fruit salads, elevating your baked goods, or adding depth to your hot beverages, Organic Cinnamon Powder from Divine Ingredients can diversify your flavor and nutrient profiles effortlessly.

Choose Divine Ingredients' Organic Cinnamon Powder and spice up your dishes with this flavorful, nutrient-rich addition to your pantry.

Taste Notes: sweet, warming, spicy

Pairs well with: fruit, baked goods